Maryam Ovissi

The Wisdom of Vinyasa: a three-day retreat with Maryam Ovissi

Combining vinyasa, breathing and meditation techniques, Maryam will lead you to a deeper experience and understanding of the union of spiritual and physical energies across a three-day program of events.

Founder of Beloved Yoga Studios in Virginia, and of her own unique training method, Maryam Ovissi’s mission is to provide her students with powerful tools for empowerment, self-realisation and healing.

Join her at Art Yoga Studio, March 7-9 to experience her unique teaching and deepen your knowledge of yoga.

Friday, 7 March

Vinyasa practice
18:30 – 19:45

Maryam will be guest teacher for the Friday evening vinyasa class.

Maryam Ovissi

Maryam Ovissi, founder, Beloved Yoga

Saturday, 8 March 

The Wisdom of Yang
15:30 – 17:00

Maryam will lead you in a vinyasa practice with postures that explore the first three yamas: Nonviolence, Truthfulness & Nonstealing


The Wisdom of Yin:Become Intimate with your Senses
17:30 – 19:30

Discussion and experiential practice: pranayama, pratyahara, concentration, meditation and sound.

Sunday, 9 March 

Juicy Flow: The Wisdom of Replenishment
10:00 – 13:00
Rajasic energising Vinyasa yoga followed by a BeJuice session on superfood juicing for revitalising and detoxing.  Sample three different concoctions. High vibrations, high energy – a natural high!

Delicious Relaxation and lunch break with Raw food by ExtraVergin
13:00 – 15:00
After the workshop, (weather permitting) we will share a Raw tapas catered by ExtraVergin at the beach and continue sharing the afternoon together.


  • Wisdom of Vinyasa: 40€ per session, 100€ three sessions
  • Friday Vinyasa: 20€ dropin or Art Yoga pass
  • ExtraVergin: Sunday lunch: 20€

Call Céline to reserve on +33 06 28 72 07 97
or email

Maryam has developed her own teacher training method and will be returning to Art Yoga July-August to offer a Yoga Teacher Training accreditation. Her school meets the standards set by International Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Mira Jamadi

Mandala Flow & Trance Dance with Mira Jamadi

Mira Jamadi, yogini

Mira Jamadi

Trance Dance® & Mandala Flow Yoga

Friday 21 & Saturday 22 Fevrier 2014


We bring you Mira Jamadi and her two magical styles of yoga:-

Trance Dance – free the spirit!

Trance Dance Yoga, developed by Shiva Rea, is an exploration and expression of inner currents and dynamic movements. A session of Trance Dance allows creative energy to guide us towards self-integration. Friday 21 Fev: 18:30-20:30

Mandala Flow – l’union entre le soi-même et la vie

Mandala Flow is a circular voyage through a series of asanas; a flowing vinyasa created by Shiva Rea. The circular motion brings a sensation of fulfilment, of satisfaction and of self-integration. Samedi 22 Fev: 17:00-18:45

Yoga Trance Dance: 20 euros
Mandala Flow: 30 euros
Both: 45 euros

Reserve your place

06 28 72 07 97 ou email Céline
06 22 17 42 60 ou email Marija

Apropos de Mira Jamadi

Originally from southern California, Mira Jamadi has been practicing Prana Flow with Shiva Rea for seven years. She is a certified Prana Flow teacher, one of the assistants of Shiva Rea, and a mentor in the Prana Flow teaching academy.  She is delighted to bring Prana Flow to France and to continue to share this extraordinary method around the world.