Enchanting music with Manu Om, and Vinyasa au bord de l’eau with Jafar Alexander

An evening of enchantment with Manu Om

Manu OmA magical evening of music, mantra and chanting with Manel Melich Solana,  musician, meditation teacher and Vedanta student.  Manu’s music expresses the beauty of wisdom and compassion in the form of sound.  This evening will be a ‘pot luck’ –  Please bring a dish and some juice or wine to share.

Friday, July 25: 18:30-20:30

Jafar Alexander€15 minimum donation

Magic by the sea: live music and yoga with Jafar and Manu

This month, Céline is delighted to present the unique Vinyasa yoga of Jafar Alexander,  accompanied by music from Manu.  Enjoy her delicious breakfast, the exquisite scenery of Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, the Rade de Villefranche, and take a refreshing dip in crystal-clear waters.
Sunday, July 27 07:45-11:00

Meet at 07:45 in front of  La Plage de Passable (map)

Please bring a your yoga mat, a bottle of drinking water and your bathing gear (trunks/bikini).

To reserve, email or call: celine@yoga-nice.com/ 06 28 72 0797 [/av_two_third]

Maryam Ovissi

July Magic: the Asana Lab

The Asana Lab

with Maryam Ovissi and Jafar Alexander

Maryam OvissiExplore a specific category of poses, learn how to approach and use them, and discover their histories. Learn how to refine and personalise your practice, while allowing space for expansion.

Surya Namaskar

The Salutation to the Sun forms a core part of vinyasa yoga. Learn to synchronise breath and movement, alignment and transition.
Saturday July 5 14:00-16:30

Standing Poses

Explore Warrior poses, Trikonasana and
Ardha Chandrasana to understand alignment and adaptation. Cultivate balance and baseline to find Sthira & Sukha (Steadiness & Ease).
Saturday July 12 14:00-16:30


Discover how head and shoulder-stands develop core strength, physical and mental balance,
Saturday July 19 14:00-16:30
Jafar Alexander

Arm Balances

Shift your perspective and build your confidence by learning how with steadiness and ease find your center on your hands.
Saturday July 26 14:00-16:30
€35 per session