Alice Renacco, Postural Pilates

Postural Pilates: bringing the powerhouse to Art Yoga Studio

Alice Renacco, Postural PilatesWe’re delighted to introduce Alice Renacco, who will be giving Postural Pilates classes from Thursday 2 October at our Nice studio.

Pilates is a style of exercise designed to develop the powerhouse – a network of key muscles that comprise the centre of the body. In Pilates, these are known as the “powerhouse”, as they distribute energy to the limbs and maintain postural strength and stability.

The six principles of Pilates — concentration, control, centering, flow, precision and breathing – are expressed in a sophisticated system of dynamic and static postures. These work the powerhouse to create harmonious, efficient movement, promoting mental and physical well-being.

Born in Italy, Alice has studied yoga and Pilates as both student and a teacher. She graduated from Torino’s Postural Pilates Academy in 2010 and is a graduate of Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Art Yoga Studio.   She creates classes that work the entire body, developing strength and flexibility in the muscles, improving the posture and teaching the body a new way of “thinking” about how to move more graciously and efficiently.

Postural Pilates at Art Yoga Nice

Mondays & Thursday: 09:00-10:15 from October 2 2014

Acroyoga with Yohann Guichard

Acroyoga Weekend: Three fantastic workshops with Yohann Guichard

Saturday October 25 & Sunday October 26

Wings for your Yoga!

AcroYoga is a creative and inspired blend of Yoga, Massage & Acrobatics. This practice develops awareness, self-esteem, mutual listening, and offer a wide range of joyful and uplifting sensations!

This weekend is suitable to all levels, including beginners. No specifics are required, excepted all you need is to be keen to learn and have fun!

Workshop 1 : Acroyoga fun-damentals:getting into aerial explorations

Saturday 25 October

Yohann Guichard, Acroyogi

After a specific preparation (for alignment, flexibility, and tone), we’ll gradually build the foundations of the trio practice (base, flyer, spotter). Fun exercises will set up a mood of confidence & mutual support.

You’ll then be invited to enter an exciting journey of “flying” poses & flows, with yogic awareness.

Workshop 2 : Solar AcroYoga : Solo, duo and trio inversions

Sunday 26 October

Top up your energy level with this workshops and give extra roots and “wings” to your inversion practice. You’ll learn to support and hold Yoga inverted poses ON and ABOVE the mat with your partner/s.

Playing in duo or in a trio, some familiar postures will get either easier, or bring the fun of new challenges.

Workshop 3 : Lunar AcroYoga : Therapeutic Gems

Sunday 26 October

This workshop will all be about the Yin (restorative) side of AcroYoga. The session will start with highly “cocooning” partner yoga flows in duo or in the circle.

Then, get ready to enjoy and share precious moments of relaxation : the journey will lead you through the delights of Thai Yoga Massage and Flying Therapeutics (massage above the ground).




Enjoy our early birds fee if you register, with payment, before Oct 15th.

  • 1 workshop :  30€ early bird / 35€ after
  • 2 workshops : 55 € early bird / 65€ après
  • 3 workshops : 80 € early bird / 90€ après
  •  Special offer for couples : 10% discount extra!

Yohann Guichard, Acroyogi

About the teacher

Yohann Guichard has shared his passion for AcroYoga in France and worldwide since 2010. Students love his humour, the precision of his technique and the generosity of his teaching style.

To reserve your place click the button above or send an SMS to Céline on +33 6 28 72 07 97

TJ Jackson

Meditations in Movement – fly & shine with TJ Jackson

Saturday October 11 & Sunday October 12

Meet  TJ

TJ Jackson TJ Jackson was initiated by Dr. Narasimha in Mysore, India. During a seven year sadhana,  he studied yoga chikitsa (therapy), tantra and hatha raja Yoga and simultaneously trained to become a physician in the US.

During this time, he met Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC, forever reshaping his path and eventually realizing his own dharma, or way.  He now travels the world sharing the gift of self-realization through immersions and trainings.

Meditations in Movement 1: Inversions

Saturday 11 October 14:00 – 16:30

Sirsasana (headstand), and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) are known as the king and queen of Hatha Yoga. They are complete poses, offering harmonizing benefits to all systems of the body – especially the nervous and  endocrine systems (which regulate hormones) – and a direct path to third-eye consciousness.

We will explore the roots of these postures and their variations as well as building the foundation to related inversions such as pincha mayurasana (forearm balance) and adho mukha vrkshasana (handstand).

Discover new ‘tricks’ to fly to newfound heights as well as discover your center through the play of balance and breath. TJ will also introduce powerful meditations that can amplify these postures. What first appears unfamiliar, in this case being upside down, often opens the largest windows to discovery. All is within.

Meditations in Movement 2: Backbends – Path to the Heart
+special guest Syama Anandini Devidasi (Bhakti Yoga)
+ BeJuice liquid energy breakfast/brunch

Sunday 12 October 09:00-12:30

TJ Jackson Brooklyn BridgeHatha yoga’s path of devotion, backbends provide an immanent means to the Supreme Self in the spriritual heart. They tone the nervous and endocrine systems bringing the physical and metabolic bodies into balance.

This session explores Ishvara Pranidana –  the dimension of yoga attained through surrender and letting go. A challenging yet accessible series featuring many rare variations that bridges the external practice with the internal one – doing less in order to both give and receive more.

Warm up and cool off with BeJuice Liquid Energy

Boost your energy at breakfast-time and rehydrate after class with a choice of two delicious cold-pressed juices – BeFire and BeCool – fresh from the press.  Meet juicing expert and BeJuice founder Barbara Basalgete and discover the pure deliciousness of her fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

40€ *

To reserve your place click the button above or send an SMS to Marija on +33 6 22 17 42 60

*price not inclusive of BeJuice products

Stephan Ralescu

The Art of Balance, with Stephan Ralescu & Stacey Shea

Art Yoga Studio presents a workshop by Stephan Ralescu and Stacey Shea, who will deliver this challenging workshop on using asanas and pranayama to achieve mental and physical equilibrium.

We’ll be working on standing and arm balances, including Natarjasana (Dancing Shiva) and Kakasana/Bakasana (crow/crane), following on with inverted balances such as Sirsasana (headstand) and Vrkasana/Ardho Mukha Vrkasana (tree/handstand).    Practical work is interlaced with anatomical theory to examine how muscle pairs work with and against each other to maintain balance and the use of bhandas to strengthen the postures.

We’ll also study the use of breathing techniques to balance mental and emotional energies,  with specific attention to the vitalising and harmonising effects of  anuloma viloma pranayama.

The Art of Balance

Saturday 27th October: 14:00-16:30


Stephan RalescuStephan first qualified as a yoga teacher in 2004.  He has studied Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Bikram yoga at professional level and has maintained a core Hatha yoga practice over the past 13 years   He has also completed Bikram Yoga teacher training in 2012, Vinyasa Krama Teaching Certification under Ramaswamy (Krishnamatchayra’s longest student outside of his immediate family), and this year participated in Maty Ezraty’s first teacher training in New York City.

Stacey SheaStacey’s first career was as a professional international dancer and model, in Las Vegas.  Her work brought her to Crazy Horse in France, and to the Sporting in Monaco, where she fell in love with the Côte d’Azur .  She discovered yoga as a great pre-show “warm up” and became fascinated with the practice, leaving class feeling blissful and empowered each day. After several years as a working athlete she suffered a severe spinal injury and used yoga to successfully heal her body. In an effort to spread the gift of yoga to as many people as possible, she opened Bikram Yoga Green Valley in Henderson, Nevada in 2008.d