Aman SINGH workshop

Aman Singh

Exploring the five layers of Body

Among many other meanings of the word Yoga, one is “to connect”, and one of the fundamental purpose of the yoga practice is to form a conscious connection within oneself, with others and surrounding nature.
According to yoga we all have five layers of body, each one is made of a finer energies. To our eyes the inner bodies may be invisible but we can sense their presence if “pay close attention”. With a skilful application of yoga one can learn to connect with the inner bodies the source of our “Well-Being”.
In this workshop we will explore the concept of 5 Koshas (layers of body), and the sequence & methodology to connect and integrate a wholesome you.
Our dear Aman Singh, a former yoga teacher at Art Yoga Studio, is coming back to nourish us with a workshop on
Saturday 10 October from 14:30 – 16:30.The theme of the workshop is : Exploring the 5 layers of the body.

Fee : 40€

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