Benedetta SPADA

We are so happy to welcome a little pearl that I met through a random encounter. She is a well of knowledge embodied in sweetness and efficiency. Benedetta Spada will be coming from ITALIA FORCA ITALIA

Vinyasa therapy : is yoga as a medecine?
The yoga work is designed to boost our immunity, the powerful yoga sequence will put together the best of Yoga vinyasa flow and Yoga therapy from Mukund Bhole (
Including the Breath check up with personal profile, and based on a vinyasa sequence with specific techniques to improve the listening of our uniqueness, and a guided meditation inspired to mindfulness. In the end Benedetta and her husband will have a talk about the secret of health (in French/English) and answer to your questions of health, alimentation and asana practice. Multilevel workshop, dynamic practice in english and yoga talk in french.

Saturday, January 9th 2016 – 15:00 to 17:30

Fee : 35€

Benedetta Spada is a yoga teacher, writer, blogger and Mind-Body discovery expert who has spent her entire life immersed in yoga and half of her life teaching yoga (Over 10,000 hours of teaching in class room settings, private consultation sessions and teacher training programs), mind-body discovery and wellness.

Spada has advanced certifications in both Hatha, Yoga therapy and Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation. She is one of the pioneers in the burgeoning field of Yoga and MindBody exploration and has over ten years of experience assisting others holistic masters such as Patrian, Jodorowsky, Sharon Gannon, Franco Berrino, Bhole…

Spada speaks regularly at radio, and teaches at conferences and festivals, including Yoga Festival in Milan, Padova or Rome and the first edition of The Yoga Tour among others. After 3 years of study with her husband in a community called Casa della tenerezza (Perugia) found the 25 hours’ Tenderness teacher training lastly presented to Yoga Festival in Milan. Spada’s first book, (only in italian) Yoga Dinamico Facile has sold 5,000+ copies in here since 2006 and got published again in 2015 (Anima edizioni).