Bye Bye Francesca – Event

Our Globe Trotter is taking off ! Guided Meditation by Francesca at 3pm, Saturday 17th December.

Our ray of sunshine offers herself to her and her family a world tour in duration indefinite. Some of the human been that your cross on the road are special, you are one of them !
Thank you so much to have share with an unconditional  love and constant serious work, always in happy mood, sharing your passion with  devotion in our urban temple.

Tears running to my jaw when I remember you as being a student in art yoga. I can just congratulate you for the road you walk, and once again I value the greatest and higher teaching of wisdom that MR YOGA procure.

TAKE CARE AND NEVER FORGET, YOUR YOGA FAMILY WILL ALWAYS BE present for your arms open welcoming heart.

LAST CLASS OF FRANCESCA : Saturday December 17th a 10 am. Also she will be leading the meditation on the afternoon at 3pm on the 17th.