Sunday April 24th 2016 – Limited number of places

10:00 AM to 12:30 PM – FEE : 30€

Bookings :



I invite you to join this innovative workshop that aims at making accessible the junction between yogic postures and the most simple danced movements, with joy and authenticity.

First of all, a course of yoga Vinyasa in the most pure tradition. The linked-up movements conducted by the vital rhythm of the breathing, will allow us to practice a number of chosen postures.

Then, thanks to the music, we will access an enchaînement increasingly more fluid, in the discovery of an essential and meaningful movement.

Re-enjoy or discover the ease of the body that seizes its own space smoothly, and evolves towards a gesture almost ritual, less mechanical, but always coordinated by the precision of the musical tempo.

« I have the desire to see you, yogis and yoginis, bringing life to the postures, defining trajectories, setting free the interior plumb line of your own proprioception! »



Nadège et Aman

Sunday March 20th 2016 – Limited number of places

10:00 AM to 01:00 PM : FEE : 50€

03:00 PM to 05:30 PM : FEE : 40€

Make an early reservation before March 15th, and you can do both workshops for 80€. Cancellations will only be accepted if done at least 48h before the workshop.

Due to the workshop, please be informed that the Dharma Vinyasa course will take place in the Shala 2 room at 5:00 PM.

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While it is true that we rarely have the opportunity to find our heart above the head, reversing the usual gravity yet has many benefits. In yoga practice which is essentially the search for equilibrium in lifestyle, inverted postures are considered as king & queens of the postures. They are simply another way to change our habitude and think outside the box; they allow us to see things from a different angle and enables us to find new perspectives and cultivate confidence.
The inverted positions equilibrate the energy flow in our body whilst stimulating the vital systems and a regular practice of inversions makes healthy pure blood flow through the brains cells.In the course of two workshops, we will explore these powerful postures and their specific effects, addressing progressively with variations and modifications to make them accessible to all.
(i) Stimulating, energising inversions (morning practice) (ii) Restorative, calming inversions (evening practice)
We invite you join us to experience this upside down journey in which we will gradually uplift ourselves and look within from an alternate perspective, explore potentials whilst avoiding the injuries.


Benedetta SPADA

We are so happy to welcome a little pearl that I met through a random encounter. She is a well of knowledge embodied in sweetness and efficiency. Benedetta Spada will be coming from ITALIA FORCA ITALIA

Vinyasa therapy : is yoga as a medecine?
The yoga work is designed to boost our immunity, the powerful yoga sequence will put together the best of Yoga vinyasa flow and Yoga therapy from Mukund Bhole (
Including the Breath check up with personal profile, and based on a vinyasa sequence with specific techniques to improve the listening of our uniqueness, and a guided meditation inspired to mindfulness. In the end Benedetta and her husband will have a talk about the secret of health (in French/English) and answer to your questions of health, alimentation and asana practice. Multilevel workshop, dynamic practice in english and yoga talk in french.

Saturday, January 9th 2016 – 15:00 to 17:30

Fee : 35€

Benedetta Spada is a yoga teacher, writer, blogger and Mind-Body discovery expert who has spent her entire life immersed in yoga and half of her life teaching yoga (Over 10,000 hours of teaching in class room settings, private consultation sessions and teacher training programs), mind-body discovery and wellness.

Spada has advanced certifications in both Hatha, Yoga therapy and Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation. She is one of the pioneers in the burgeoning field of Yoga and MindBody exploration and has over ten years of experience assisting others holistic masters such as Patrian, Jodorowsky, Sharon Gannon, Franco Berrino, Bhole…

Spada speaks regularly at radio, and teaches at conferences and festivals, including Yoga Festival in Milan, Padova or Rome and the first edition of The Yoga Tour among others. After 3 years of study with her husband in a community called Casa della tenerezza (Perugia) found the 25 hours’ Tenderness teacher training lastly presented to Yoga Festival in Milan. Spada’s first book, (only in italian) Yoga Dinamico Facile has sold 5,000+ copies in here since 2006 and got published again in 2015 (Anima edizioni).

Aman SINGH workshop

Aman Singh

Exploring the five layers of Body

Among many other meanings of the word Yoga, one is “to connect”, and one of the fundamental purpose of the yoga practice is to form a conscious connection within oneself, with others and surrounding nature.
According to yoga we all have five layers of body, each one is made of a finer energies. To our eyes the inner bodies may be invisible but we can sense their presence if “pay close attention”. With a skilful application of yoga one can learn to connect with the inner bodies the source of our “Well-Being”.
In this workshop we will explore the concept of 5 Koshas (layers of body), and the sequence & methodology to connect and integrate a wholesome you.
Our dear Aman Singh, a former yoga teacher at Art Yoga Studio, is coming back to nourish us with a workshop on
Saturday 10 October from 14:30 – 16:30.The theme of the workshop is : Exploring the 5 layers of the body.

Fee : 40€

Reservations by email :

Workshop Ashtanga – Stephan Ralescu

With Stephan RALESCU

Semaine 1 – Week 1 : 30/05/2015
Semaine 2 – Week 2 : 06/06/2015
Semaine 3 – Week 3 : 13/06/2015
Semaine 4 – Week 4 : 20/06/2015
Semaine 5 – Week 5 : 27/06/2015

Prix par semaine : 40 euros – séances de 17h30 à 20h00
Price per week : 40 euros – from 05:30 pm to 08:00 pm


We feel honor to present and to add a very special 5 week ASHTANGA VINYASA presented by Stephan Ralescu. Those 5 weeks will provide you a solid understanding of the primary serie.
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Yoga Education Solidarite

Kirtan and chanting, sound and vibration

An evening of Kirtan and chanting

Universal love – free your heart

Sunday 8 February 17:00-19:00

Yoga Education Solidarite

Our little team of musicians and singers welcomes you to share magical evening of song that will open your heart and free your spirit.

We will also practice various styles of yoga throughout the  evening.

You can participate in the humanitarian work of YES (Yoga Education Solidarité), which contributes donations to a variety of programs across the world which help people in need of aid. We will provide a collection bowl for your donations.

Thank you for your generosity.


SONIC SADHANA – TJ Jackson – Timo Preece

Une rencontre musicale autour des Kirtans et chants de diverses traditions…

L’amour universel – libèrez votre coeur

Dimanche 8 Février 17:00-19:00

Yoga Education Solidarite

Notre petite formation composé de musiciens et chanteurs amateurs vous proposera un échange autour du son et de la vibration où vous serez conviez a participer activement pour élaborer un partage qui libère le coeur.

Quelques enseignements issus du yoga seront transmis durant la soirée

Vous pourrez participer à l’action de l’association YES (Yoga Education Solidarité). YES récolte des fonds pour contribuer à des programmes à travers le mode envers les populations en difficulté.

Une urne de Don sera à votre disposition si vous le souhaitez.

Merci d’avance


Kirtan and chanting, sound and vibration

An evening of Kirtan and chanting

Universal love – free your heart

Sunday 8 February 17:00-19:00

Yoga Education Solidarite

Our little team of musicians and singers welcomes you to share magical evening of song that will open your heart and free your spirit.

We will also practice various styles of yoga throughout the  evening.

You can participate in the humanitarian work of YES (Yoga Education Solidarité), which contributes donations to a variety of programs across the world which help people in need of aid. We will provide a collection bowl for your donations.

Thank you for your generosity.

AcroYoga Circle

AcroYoga Weekend

Celebrate the joy of connection: AcroYoga Weekend

St Valentine’s Day Workshop: Yoga Connection – AcroYoga & Partner Yoga

Saturday 14 February 15:00-18:00


Art Yoga Studio and Yohann Guichard welcome you to a celebration of movement, breath and togetherness.  Bring someone special – whether that’s a lover, friend(s), or yourself!

Partner Yoga is a style of yoga practiced specifically with another or with a group, complementing traditional forms of the practice. It uses and develops compassion, listening and sharing, providing the opportunity and space for creativity and adventure in the geometry of postures.

Acroyoga on Valentine's DayAcroYoga is an aerial adaptation of Partner Yoga and is often called ‘The Yoga of Trust’.  We will explore a number of simple techniques of Acroyoga, accessible to all, during this workshop.  Some parts of the series will be practiced in pairs, others in trios, and others in a circle of participants.

It’s going to be fun!  Come join us for some moments of adventure, some laughter and a flight into happiness.

AcroYoga Family

Sunday 15 Feb 15:00-17:00

AcroYoga FamilyFor the first time in Nice a fun-filled AcroYoga workshop designed especially for families and children.

A programme of games, stories, a few acrobatics with your partner, some yoga, and a lot of fun and laughter.

AcroYoga:  15:00-16:00

After opening the workshop in a grand circle, we’ll work together as:-

  • Parent/child
  • Child/child (with adult assistance)

Play ‘aeroplane’ or ‘flying piglet’ – among children’s best-loved exercises.

All AcroYoga exercises and games throughout this workshop are designed to be enjoyed safely and happily by all the family. Enjoy an original and beautiful way of deepening your connection with your children and meeting other families.

At least one parent must be present with their child/ren during the workshop.

Snacks for kids: 16h – 17h

Reward yourself and your children with a delicious snack to replenish your energy and meet your fellow yogis.


Yohann Guichard

Yohann Guichard is a certified AcroYoga teacher.  His students have been enjoying the humour and precision he brings to his instruction, both in France and throughout the world, since 2010.

AcroYoga CirclePractical information

Earlybird: sign up and pay before 4 February.

30€ earlybird / 40€ après.

Couples : 10% additional discount.

Adults €15
Children: €15 (inc snack)

Earlybird cheques should be made out to Yogamania and sent or delivered to:
Art Yoga Studio
4 rue Masséna
06300 NICE

Please sign up early – the number of spaces for these events is limited and if you’re coming on Sunday we need to reserve your snack.  Your place will re reserved upon receipt of your cheque (which will be cashed following the event).

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Class & Teacher Training

Pre-natal Yoga: class & teacher training

Sunday 25 January 2015

10:00 – 11:30 Prenatal Yoga Class with Maryam Ovissi

13:00-16:30 Prenatal Yoga: training for yoga teachers

Prenatal YogaPrenatal Yoga Class with Maryam Ovissi – all levels

Discover how to continue your yoga practice safely and comfortably through pregnancy, developing awareness of your changing body and its changing needs.  Learn modifications to asanas, correct use of props, and how to use restorative yoga to help with pregnancy-related postural issues.

This workshop serves as an excellent introduction to the Maya Kosha (five layers) model of the pregnant woman:

  • Physical- Anatomy of Pregnancy
  • Energetic- Breathwork for Pregnancy
  • Mind & Emotions- Hormones & the Mental Landscape
  • Spiritual- Birth of the Mother ….Birth of Baby!


11:30 – 12:00 Discussion

12:00- 13:00 Lunch break

Yoga teacher training for Prenatal Yoga:
Anatomy, Sequencing, and yogic tools for Birth Day

This Prenatal Teacher Training is designed for yoga teachers who want to learn the art of teaching prenatal yoga.

The course will provide an overview of pregnancy, creating a comprehensive map of how Mama’s body, mind and breath transform throughout the nine-month term. You will be given practical knowledge and understanding, and an insight into how yoga is a perfect guide for the prenatal journey, birth and beyond!

$115 for class & yoga teacher training (includes Beloved Prenatal Yoga training manual, which includes a sequence for a prenatal class and guide to safe asanas)

Recommended (not required) Preparing for Birth with Yoga by Janet Balaskas

This class is perfect for pregnant yogis, yoga students in teacher training programs and yoga teachers seeking to develop wisdom on supporting the prenatal journey through yoga.

About Maryam Ovissi

Maryam Ovissi has been teaching Prenatal Yoga for over 12 years and developed the prenatal yoga program at Beloved Yoga.  The program focuses on developing strength for every layer of mama’s being, and offers compassion and ease throughout the journey of childbirth to the constantly-evolving mind, body and spirit.

The integration of Yoga into the prenatal journey is a synergistic combination and Maryam is passionate to share this model with mamas to be!

Maryam will also teach the 2015 Summer Immersion and Yoga Teacher Training (200hr RYT) at Art Yoga.  There will be an introduction and Q&A for the course on 31 January. Please RSVP for more details.

Maryam Ovissi is registered through Yoga Alliance as a 500 eRYT (experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) & RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher).