SONIC SADHANA – TJ Jackson – Timo Preece

Une rencontre musicale autour des Kirtans et chants de diverses traditions…

L’amour universel – libèrez votre coeur

Dimanche 8 Février 17:00-19:00

Yoga Education Solidarite

Notre petite formation composé de musiciens et chanteurs amateurs vous proposera un échange autour du son et de la vibration où vous serez conviez a participer activement pour élaborer un partage qui libère le coeur.

Quelques enseignements issus du yoga seront transmis durant la soirée

Vous pourrez participer à l’action de l’association YES (Yoga Education Solidarité). YES récolte des fonds pour contribuer à des programmes à travers le mode envers les populations en difficulté.

Une urne de Don sera à votre disposition si vous le souhaitez.

Merci d’avance


Barbara Basalgete

Yoga for beginners: Discover (or rediscover) Yoga at Art Yoga Nice

Discover Yoga with our new class for beginners

Barbara250x250Whether you’re brand new to yoga or returning after a break, this class is for you. Learn:-

  • correct physical alignment for maintaining and moving between asanas
  • to synchronise breath and movement
  • to prepare your muscles and joints for asana practice
  • pranayama breathing techniques to build, balance and release energy
  • standing, seated, prone, supine and balancing postures
  • mindfulness and relaxation techniques

Our teachers

Barbara Basalgète has been a devoted student of yoga for 6 years, recently completing her 200-hour teacher training program with Maryam Ovissi and Jafar Alexander at Art Yoga Studio.  She empowers and protects her students in their practice with intelligent sequencing, creating a safe space for them to explore their own boundaries. An expert in juicing and Reiki II certified, she believes in approaching well-being from a holistic point of view.

Geraldine HardyGeraldine Hardy started practicing yoga sixteen years ago. It has been a constant companion in her life during a stressful career in business.  Recently, she consciously decided to change her life path and completed the 200-hour RYT at Art Yoga Nice, in partnership with Beloved Yoga. She draws her inspiration from her experience in dance and yoga lineages such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar.



Sundays 10:30-12:00
check out the class page


Alice Renacco, Postural Pilates

Postural Pilates: bringing the powerhouse to Art Yoga Studio

Alice Renacco, Postural PilatesWe’re delighted to introduce Alice Renacco, who will be giving Postural Pilates classes from Thursday 2 October at our Nice studio.

Pilates is a style of exercise designed to develop the powerhouse – a network of key muscles that comprise the centre of the body. In Pilates, these are known as the “powerhouse”, as they distribute energy to the limbs and maintain postural strength and stability.

The six principles of Pilates — concentration, control, centering, flow, precision and breathing – are expressed in a sophisticated system of dynamic and static postures. These work the powerhouse to create harmonious, efficient movement, promoting mental and physical well-being.

Born in Italy, Alice has studied yoga and Pilates as both student and a teacher. She graduated from Torino’s Postural Pilates Academy in 2010 and is a graduate of Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Art Yoga Studio.   She creates classes that work the entire body, developing strength and flexibility in the muscles, improving the posture and teaching the body a new way of “thinking” about how to move more graciously and efficiently.

Postural Pilates at Art Yoga Nice

Mondays & Thursday: 09:00-10:15 from October 2 2014

Merry Christmas: check out our holiday schedule


Céline avec Santa, le mahayogi de Lapland

Céline with Santa, the Mahayogi of Lapland

Merry Christmas to all our yogis

Dedicated yogis, thank you for your open-heartedness and sincerity, which have made our yoga sessions with you such a pleasure during 2013.

It has been a great pleasure to welcome you to the studio this past year..

Aman, Francesca, Stephanie and Marjia join me in sending you our gratitude and dedication, and our wishes for a merry Christmas and joyful New Year

Here is our timetable for the holiday period:

Monday 23 : 10h30 Yin Yang with Céline/18h30 Vinyasa with Céline
Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25 et Thursday 26 : closed
Friday 27 : 10h30 Yin Yang / 18h30 Vinyasa with Nadege or Céline
Saturday 28 : 10h30 Vinyasa with Francesca
Monday 30 : 10h30 et 18h30 Vinyasa with Nadege ou Céline
Tuesday 31, Wednesday 1: closed
Friday 3 : 10h30 Yin Yang with Nadege
Saturday 4 : 10h30 Vinyasa with Francesca

Our normal timetable returns the morning of 6 January 2014

If you need a little inspiration for Christmas gifts, consider an introductory offer or present from Art Yoga Studio

New in 2014 : a special men’s class at 19h30 from 09/01 with Aman

With love and light.  Om shanti , shanti , shanti

Céline and her magical team