Nathuropathy- Workshop October 25th

naturopathieWe are so honor to welcome Véronique Thomazeau one of our devoted yoginis and knowledgeable naturopath for a workshop based on donation.

Come with a notebook and pencil to take some notes.
Workshop taught in French and translate in English.

Program :

  1. Naturopathy, what is it ?
  2. The 3 basic concepts of naturopathy
  3. Learn to recognize diseases that destroy the lives and those who protect.
  4. Focus on immune system
After 20 years in selling advertising in Paris, Véronique is brutally struck in 2009 by the disease, and then became fully aware of the impermanence of life. That’s when his new life since Nice, the beginning of a long quest of knowledge, experience and learning: the word of the Buddha, meditation, cardiac coherence, initiatory journeys, openness to others, new therapies …

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