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Our teachers have experience across a variety of yoga styles, and teach students at every level. They offer you a warm welcome and expert guidance.

Celine Geers

Celine Geers

Founder and teacher

Celine has been practicing and studying yoga for more than 20 years, since falling in love with the sense of energy and wellbeing that yoga brings its students.

She began her studies in the Hatha yoga tradition in India at the Bihar School. Attracted by the more dynamic Ashtanga school, she studied at Mysore, where she also learned the Vinyasa style.

Her studies and encounters with teachers and yoga masters around the world have transformed her life, and today she dedicates her time to sharing her love and experience of yoga with her students and colleagues.

I bow my ego on the altar of my heart

Marija Malovic

Marija Malovic

Certified Yoga Teacher

My journey on the Yogic path starts in Sivananda Center in Paris . That fist touch with traditional Hatha Yoga teachings became later the foundation of my practice . During the years i practiced and stud the methods such as Iyangar , Vinyasa & Yin Yoga growing in integration and knowledge focusing on healing and meditative aspect in practice .

In 2013 i discovered Dharma Yoga , which i felt clearly as unification

of all forms of yoga ( Hatha , Raja, Krya , Laya , Kundalini , Tantra and Bhakti ) and deep call to join the teacher training with great Dharma Yogi TJ Jackson .

During the classes i invite the students to explore their potentiel encouraging the learning from experience , introspection and inner wisdom which lays deep in each Being .

The breath work is the core ,guide and constant focus which open the body and build the complete sequence of graceful and fluid practice. The dynamique Flow of postures will help to create the balance and build the strong and healthy body , calm the mind and develop the inner peace .

The Relaxation and meditation are essential for good integration of benefits . My aim is to help the students to develop gradually a complete, creative and nourishing practice .

May We all reach the goal of Self Realisation .

Sri Dharma Mittra



Dominique, 57, has been practicing yoga since she was 20 years old. She will be able to demonstrate the meaning of the depth of yoga, the precision of constructing a class, and develop the sensation of finesse in postures.

She will develop with you, over the weeks and series, as many dances between your body and your soul, created with rigor and imprints of her fantasy. She will teach you the basics and principles of yoga with one obsession .... to make you taste the freedom of your inner space and the confidence that comes with presence, intention and rhythm.

She will accompany you with her enthusiasm and dynamism. Her voice is the sword of light that will guide you. Yoga is an art in which our body becomes the means of bathing at the source of Consciousness.



Teacher graduated in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, I teach yoga with passion.
Vinyasa (Yang energy) is a practice with which I feel in perfect harmony and
makes me grow. Vinyasa is purifying, it combines physical and mental, strength
and flexibility and setting the breath in the heart of the movement.
In the physical effort, the mind learns to let go and refocus.
I teach all levels, I always adapting to the students and to the day’s energy.
I also teach Yin Yoga, complementary to the Vinyasa (Yang). We learn to relax,
to "let be" the body and that’s ultimately what we need most.
Yin Yoga works on deep tissues, facias, tendons, ligaments, and also joints.
It is a "restorative" and kind yoga.
I like to build my classes around these 2 energies (Yang / Yin).
Yinyasa is a complete practice, both physical and mental, that I like teach it
with music.

Nicolas Niamiah

Nicolas Niamiah

During my second stay in India for a TCM and Zen Shiatsu training, I met Iyengar yoga, A branch of Hatha Yoga. Iyengar yoga is pointing on precision which bring to the feeling of body space which let observing the power (Shakti) of the posture as calm maker. As massage therapist I saw an amazing tools for helping my patients.

But after praticing it for a while, I feel in love with the way of yoga, understanding where was my way, I started keeping going to India each year for practice at first with my first teacher in Goa, Alex, then with Usha Devi in Rishikesh, then Swati & Rajiv Chanchani, in Dehradun. 3 years ago, my indian Teacher, suggested me to follow my actual teacher, Christian Pisana, so I came in Nice for learning with him.

I aim my pratice and teaching toward Calmness and the non importance of doing or not doing an Asana (posture), the only purpose being to gather good condition to observe what happens (or what not happens).

I am happy to share what I kept and understood from my practice.

Carmen Agostino

Carmen Agostino

Childrens Yoga

I began the journey of yoga by personally studying Asanas and meditation ; In 2017 I discovered Ashtanga Yoga which allowed me to develop a real discipline of daily practice and that completely changed my life.

I decided to devote myself to teaching Yoga, convinced that its benefits affect the entire body and bring many benefits on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Through my practice I am learning to know myself, to accept and respect myself. That’s what I want to pass on to my students.

I was very lucky to have met great teachers who have passed on to me a lot through their teachings and their kindness. In my turn, from these teachings and from my experience I would like to help all those who wish to undertake this wonderful path of yoga.

The journey will not always be easy but each step will be a gift that will be worth living in full awareness, with humility, patience and gratitude.

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