Svastha Yoga Therapy Program 2017

This program will help you take the practical skills of therapeutic yoga to all your students.

This Program Is For You If

  • You want to transform and deepen your teaching,
    perspective, and practice on a sound lifelong
  • You want your classes to be inclusive, addressing the
    needs of students of all ages, and health limitations.
  • You want to reach a wider audience with yoga and self-care teachings, both therapeutic and preventive.

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  • 300-hours,
  • 7 independent
    modules x 5 days each.
  • Large community.
  • Networking, collaboration,
    opportunities, support.
  • Combining best of clinical
    evidence & classical yoga.
  • Start from any module.


  • Credentials and sources: the program is rooted in the
    sensible teachings of traditional yoga, and clear and
    scientifically sound from a medical perspective.
  • Networking and collaboration: we have 15+ locations
    now internationally and are growing.
  • Openness and progression: we take the best ideas from
    our experienced members and propagate them.


Each module (5 days/40 hours) is independent.

  • M1: Low Back, Sacrum, Hips, Knees, Feet.
  • M2: Upper Back, Neck, Shoulders, Elbow, Hand
  • M3: Breath Function & Sequencing, Respiratory and
    Cardiovascular Disorders
  • M4: Pranayama, Ayurveda, Neurological, Immune,
    Digestive, Hormonal Systems
  • M5: Yogic Mindfulness, Guided Reflection, Depression &
    Addictions (Tamas)
  • M6: Relaxation, Mantra, Positive Psychology, Embodiment,
    Stress & Trauma (Rajas)
  • M7: Holistic case studies, Assorted topics.

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