YIN YOGA : A gentle and accessible approach for all

Yin yoga, which stems from taoist principles, puts to work connective tissues (fascia) joints, tendons and ligaments rather than simple muscular work. It enables one to make notable improvements to the overall flexibility of the body, health of the joints, organs and even bones. Each posture is an invitation to release deeply, hold postures for 3 – 5 minutes with the help of a support, blanket, bricks and bolster. You will slip into complete relaxation of the body and mind without even realizing it.

An invitation to let go.

Fundamental principals

*Respect your limits and find just the right balance
*Cultivate stillness
*To be attentive


Strengthens joints, tendons and ligaments
Stimulates the production of collagen of the fascias
Enables an access to a meditative state throughout exercises
Let go